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The vision of Providence Church is to provide a place to gather for life’s biggest moments. Whether you are honoring the life of someone you love, celebrating the union of two people through marriage, or gathering for your next event - we want to provide a place that is not only timeless but affordable. Providence Church includes pew seating for 100 guests, restrooms, and a beautiful double-door entrance with a center aisle that leads to a fully restored wooden stage from the original building in 1852 as well as stained glass features.

Located south of Atlanta in the rural town of Milner, Georgia, Providence Church at Rock Springs is the tucked-away treasure with a beautiful view of a 120’ cross. Providence Church is a beautiful blend of 1852 tradition with modern restoration making it the perfect venue for your next event.




Church events, conferences, etc.


Providence Church is the very first Congregational Methodist Church and was built in 1852. In 2021, Pastor Benny Tate of Rock Springs Church saw the original church located near High Falls abandoned and withering away. He wanted to bring honor to the first church in that denomination by moving the church onto the campus of Rock Springs Church in Milner to be fully restored. What was once a deteriorating building of the past, is now a vibrant and beautiful event space that will continue to serve as a space of ministry for years to come.


We invite you to take a tour and experience the Providence Church. For your convenience, please fill out the form to schedule an appointment.

1013 Chappell Milll Rd.

Milner, GA 30257

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